Investing our money in tidying services can be a complicated step to take, because we may think we can do it ourselves and save money. This is true.

A professional organizer is trained and certified in techniques to simplify, rearrange, and reconfigure a space for efficiency, simplicity, and elegance. This is true.

Based on these two certainties, you must decide whether you want to invest your time in other things and leave the tidying up to professionals or do it on your own. I’m sure you will do an exceptional job and you will be encouraged to tidy up more spaces.

My mission is not that you hire me every day, but that you hire me once so that I can teach you techniques, that we can reflect together and that you can maintain this tidiness over time without my help.

So, investing in order could be understood as a life learning.

Price for face-to-face services:

+VAT / hour
  • 1st call 30 minutes free of charge
  • 1st face-to-face assessment visit free of charge
  • Travel to Girona province
  • Take the rejected material to the clean point/NGO
  • Time to buy order items
  • Personalised labels
  • NOT INCLUDED displacement outside the province of Girona
  • NOT INCLUDED displacement to another clean point chosen by the client.
  • NOT INCLUDED the tidying products for the project
  • NOT INCLUDED cleaning of the house, rooms or cupboards
  • Bathroom: 3 hours
  • Living room: 3 hours
  • Dining room: 3 hours
  • Single bedroom: 4 hours
  • Double bedroom: 5 hours
  • Kitchen: 6 hours
  • Cloakroom: 6 hours
  • Garage/storage room: 8 hours or more

Conventional house approx. 8 hours.
The duration will depend on the m² of the property and the volume of the contents.
An assessment will be made after a visit to the property.

We will work on an hourly basis and depending on whether it is a one-off or permanent service, a discount will be applied.

Rates for non-face-to-face services:

+VAT / hour
  • 1st call 30 minutes free of charge
  • 1st virtual session. Minimum 1 hour
  • 2nd virtual session. Minimum 1 hour.

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