"Vida ordenada" origin

Hello, I'm Marta Oliva and I'll give you a summary of how I got here.

I was born in Barcelona, I grew up between Gavà and Alt Empordà and I live in the Empordà. I grew up between casseroles in the restaurant at home and we lived just above the restaurant. When I was a little girl and I still couldn't shake hands, when it was lunchtime rush hour, I would spend my time in the storeroom putting things away or upstairs in the house tidying up the drawers. Not that I was particularly tidy as a child, but when I saw a project, whether it was a drawer, a cupboard, or a bookcase, that made me feel it could look better, I felt encouraged to change it and I couldn't stop until it looked nice and tidy.

For the last twelve years, I have worked as an event organizer, and in this job, as well as in my previous ones, interior designer and real estate consultant, the order has always been present. When I saw something that could look better, whether it was the inside of a drawer, the material cupboard, or a pile of decorating magazines, whenever I had the chance, I enjoyed tidying them up because I have always liked to improve the workspace and make it more comfortable for the people who work there. I had so much fun doing so that I ended up going to my colleagues’ and friends’ houses to help them tidy up and improve their home spaces. Nevertheless, I could never have imagined that this could end up being my profession.

At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, I had been placed on work furlough. While I was at home, I felt that the time for a change was approaching. I didn't know in what sense, but I did know that I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and help people feel better, and then it is when I came across professional organizing. I knew that this profession existed, and I started to do some research to find out everything about it. After a few months, just as I expected, my career path suddenly did a U-turn, and that's when I started the PO course. I am now certified by the School of Order, and I am a member of AOPE (Spanish Association of Professional Organizers).

I want to share my passion with the world and through order, provide people with more moments of happiness, improve their time management and foster well-being and personal growth through decision-making to be able to choose and decide between the things or routines that are no longer part of our current stage of life, and let them go to be able to move on to new stages.


  • I will listen to you to find out your tastes, your lifestyle and what you would like.
  • I will see your house to find out what your starting point is and we will establish an action plan.
  • My intention is always to help you and in no way judge you.
  • I will explain how I work so that you understand each step
  • I will show you my prices and what they include
  • I will not force you to get rid of your stuff, but I will encourage you and make you think about it.
  • I will not clean the house; this is something I don’t do.
  • I will ask for your commitment-permission to keep going until the end of the project.
  • If necessary, I will recommend you to buy materials to tidy up, but we will give priority to what you already have.
  • I will propose options on how to place things so that they have the value they deserve.
  • Instead of punishing ourselves for not having done it before, we will laugh and have fun.


I do not judge. I will not think of you as what you are or are not because you have a messy house or however you have it. I come to do my work and go away. What I will do remember from you, will be the emotional growth you will experience by my side when you decide what you want to keep in your life and what you don’t, and how we shared smiles or tears as we went through the process of making your house a better place to live.

I work quickly and honestly. If I can finish the task in less time than expected, I will do it and it will be a benefit for both you and me. I will have extra time I wasn’t counting on to work on other projects and you will be able to discount hours out of my budget. When I start to order I am so passionate about it that I rush to see it finished, but I must also confess that if something doesn’t convince me, I will go over it as many times as necessary until I find the solution that best suits you.

Transparency. I would like to help you to make your house a beautiful and comfortable spot, a place where you can feel peace and harmony. I will be honest with all the different projects I receive, and all the proposals I give you will be designed following your personal aims, interests and needs.

With style. It’s time for you to share with me what your dreamed space would look like, as well as how you have imagined it to be and how would you feel most comfortable in it. I will make every detail count and follow a harmonious and elegant style.


After hearing and seeing several witnesses, I have shaped the D.O.S.E. method. D.O.S.E. are the initials of the words that define what happens when we order.


When you contact me or want to get down to work on your own you have already decided on an action


We tidy up everything that has been left behind because we don’t need or use it anymore and keep the most practical things for our current stage of life.


As we see that the space where there was chaos before is now a beautiful space that is still ours, we perceive the change, we feel that where we are is where we really want to be.


The seed of logical order is already planted in your mind, you are evolving, and this new “house life” is now evolving with you.

Do you want to know more about my process?

Contact me and

We will see the best way to put “order”

in those spaces of your life that you need