I create systems of order and organization for my clients, helping them to recover the functionality of the spaces and objects in their houses.

Welcoming spaces, with personality and where everything has its place.

We will try to take advantage of what you already have to create these systems of order, thus helping you not to burden with all those other things that you don’t need.

We will see the space to be tidied up, we will talk about how you would like it to look like and we will see which things are no longer part of your current stage of life. You will go through the process with me and you will become aware of what you no longer want-need, achieving a tidy and welcoming home style.

I see the order from a fun, personalized, cozy and elegant point of view, where everything has its place according to the moment we are going through. It is often said that we come into the world with nothing, but we do come into the world with a body and with limited time to enjoy life. We need to be able to enjoy our house and things, and not let our things condition our lifestyle. We should not reproach ourselves for having bought something and not using it, because surely at that time we were going through a vital moment in which we felt confident about making that purchase.

Now, with time and with my help, we can analyze and become more aware of all the staff we need and what we don't, because in the end things will always be just that, things.


After hearing and seeing several witnesses, I have shaped the D.O.S.E. method. D.O.S.E. are the initials of the words that define what happens when we order.

1st Call

· Free 30 min
· You explain to me
· I listen to you and explain

Visit to the space

· See the situation
· Take mesurements
· Take photos

Sending of quotation

· Estimation of hours
· Redesign proposal
· Purchase of materials

DOSE method

· Decide
· Order
· Feel
· Envolve

Do you want to know more about my process?

Contact me and

We will see the best way to put “order”

in those spaces of your life that you need